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Why you should become a Microblading Artist

For those who haven’t heard about microblading yet, it’s the new sensational treatment that has entered the beauty industry by storm.

It’s the answer for people who have problems with thin, overplucked or completely missing brows, and the best thing is that it is semi-permanent because it lasts for a really long time.

For people who have been wondering about which job is currently in-demand, microblading is the answer!
Of course, not everyone can be a microblading artist. To become a microblading artist, you need to have proper local and state licensing and you need to study how to practice it properly.


You could get professionally trained in one of the hottest beauty-service trends that will surely be in demand for a long time!


When you become a microblading artist, some of the benefits that you could enjoy are the following:

  • Become financially free by earning a fair amount of income.
  • Stress-free work since you get to become your own boss.
  • The chance to improve and upgrade your skills as an artist.


Since permanent makeup has a lot of benefits such as reducing the amount of time that a person needs to get read in the morning, it’s been taking the beauty industry by storm. Through the microblading treatment, a person’s life can be transformed, not only that but you will also change your own!

microblading shelby township michigan (1)As a microblading artist, you’ll be able to transform a person’s life, but the question is how? When a client undergoes the microblading treatment, you’ll be giving a brow-less woman gorgeous, microbladed eyebrows.
You’ll also be putting a smile on their faces since you’ve given them the look they always wanted. It’s the feeling that you helped someone feel naturally beautiful and receiving many tokens of gratitude and thank you. People will then love the sense of how they look, and you will appreciate the thought of making a difference in someone’s life.

In terms of practicality, the financial benefits are a huge perk as well when becoming a microblading artist! Depending on the quality of work that you do, you can earn from $350 to $800 per procedure. Considering you do 10 new clients in a week, you can make from $3500 to $8000 in just a week! But it’s not easy work, you have to have a passion for helping people and dedicate time to learning and practice.





So what’re you waiting for? Drop that office job and start your career as a microblading artist!

(Just kidding, keep your job until you build your clientele)

Take note that you will not be the only one to benefit from being a microblading artist, you’ll be imparting joy and benefits to your clients as well.

  1. You’ll reduce the amount of time they’ll consume when getting ready in the morning
  2. The pigment they’ll get won’t change in color
  3. The effect won’t smudge or wear off, sometime after undergoing the procedure, even intense exercises that make you sweat a lot won’t smudge your realistic brows.

Get trained by Professionals, get your microbladig artist certification with us.

Permanent makeup artists can decide whichever path they take, they can work in medical practice, tattoo shop or start your own business! When you make microblading your career, you can decide whatever path you want and gain massively on financial benefits!

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