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Eyebrow Shading Training

If you’re looking to take your eyebrow skills to the next level, at Fine Stokes we have the best course for those who wish to challenge themselves.

Our advanced microshading course is a high-level, hands-on seminar that uses sophisticated microblading and eyebrow shading techniques, which combines microshading and microblading.

Discover the most efficient color correction strategies using the Microshading method. Add these expert eyebrow shading classes to your portfolio and provide your clients options for wonderfully shaded Ombre and makeup eyebrows.

The cutting-edge strategies that you’ll discover in our eyebrow microshading classes are vital to your improvement within the field. Reserve your spot today– you’ll be pleased you did!

Course Breakdown

Theory and Practice

  • Color Correction and Modification
  • Shaded/Ombre Eyebrows
  • Advanced Microblading Strokes
  • Universal Sterilization Precautions
  • Practice on practice skin

Hands On – 1 Model

  • Guided Assisted Hands on Procedures
  • Proper station set up
  • Anesthetics for Permanent Makeup
  • Healing Process and After Care
  • Touch Up and Maintenance


Imagine giving your clients the luxury of not having to apply conventional makeup daily.  Introducing the latest technology in permanent makeup for lips, brows, and eyeliner; this course offers you 10 different techniques that can be achieved with the most advanced technology in permanent makeup by Nova Microblading. Add tint and volume to your lips with the ombre lip technique and definition and fullness to your brows with the combination brow technique. The brow technique includes techniques of shading the eyebrow and how to combine it with microblading to reach a natural look.  And finally, our liner technique creates a precise liner look along your lash line with the most advanced technology in the industry exclusive to Nova Microblading and its accredited training facilities such as Fine Strokes Microblading training programs. Our ombre lip technique creates a lip tint shading technique that allows you to create two different looks offering your clients a tint that will last 18-24 months while adding volume to the lips giving a more youthful appearance. Our leading edge technique helps the lips appear more defined without fillers and can restore color to lips that may become dull or pale over time. With our wide selection of neutral pigments as well as colored pigments, your clients can choose their desired look and achieve long lasting, natural looking tinted lips.


Course Outline

DAY 1 – Eyebrow Shading

Class Time: 10am – 5pm –

  • Practice Pad (Brow styles & Shapes)
  • Brow Demo Model
  • Practice Pad


Class Time: 10am – 3pm / 1 Model Required

  • Review
  • Q & A
  • Setup
  • Consultation
  • Practice Procedure on Eyebrow Shading Model #1 (10:30 am)
  • Review 1st Model
  • Corrections / Final Review



Learn from the best, be the best.

Elda Kalaj- master-trainer and founder of Fine Strokes Microblading Studios is our hands-on training instructor. Elda has gained knowledge from masters from all around the world and instructs the unique and up-to-date techniques used in micro-pigmentation of skin industry.


Conveniently located in the busiest area in Shelby Township, Michigan and in the Center of Metro Detroit in Birmingham. Fine Strokes Microblading aims to serve clients from all walks of life sharing one goal; to give you your confidence back. So please do your research before booking your Microblading service with just anyone.