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With this procedure, we insert pigment beneath your skin in an artistic and precise technique. Unlike regular tattooing, the pigment is manually and deliberately implanted by a handheld the device. Results are beautiful, with gorgeous hair like fine strokes. (That’s how we came up with the name)

Outline your lips with this non-invasive permanent makeup procedure. Unlike fillers/injections, Lip Tattooing gives your lips a fuller look and makes them feel plump. You can pick to have just the outline done, or full lip color. Lasts longer than lip fillers and costs much less.

Whether your seeking to enhance your lashes or are tired of applying eyeliner every day, this procedure is for you. Eyeliner permanent makeup will make your eyes look more alert while looking Natural.

Also called “collagen induction therapy” aids stimulate your body to produce collagen. It will help contract your skin and reduce wrinkles and scars. This procedure is safe to for to all sections of your body such as neck, arms, legs, abdomen, and face.

Also called “Cosmetic Hairline Tattoo” and SPM is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure intended to mimic your hair follicles. We use a microneedle to insert pigment to offer your scalp a fuller look while looking Natural and helping you gain self-confidence.

Permanent makeup professions are among the most exciting and interesting roles in the world of charm. And, did you understand, this career pertains to the field of healthcare and body art also.? That’s right.

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