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Microblading Gone Wrong?  Do your research.

Microblading is one of the exciting new beauty trends, as women are showing off their perfect eyebrows all over social media.

But what happens when you pay the wrong price? Local 4 Defender Karen Drew reported the story of a woman who had a significant warning to everyone looking to get the procedure done.

microblading detroit (1)The Metro Detroit woman, who wanted to stay anonymous, said she regrets getting the procedure done because she ended up in the hospital. She’s embarrassed by what happened that’s why she didn’t want to share her identity; however, she wants to warn others.

When she walked out of the permanent makeup clinic after the procedure, her brows looked just how she imagined.

“It looked great,” she said. “I was happy.”

But later, redness started setting in.

With each passing day, she got a little redder and more swollen. Within a few days, she started getting lumps and white bumps on her eyebrows.

The pain and swelling started to increase with each passing day; she said.

Clickondetroit.com First reported the story on April, 30th.

“Going to urgent care, they diagnosed me with cellulitis on my face, gave me antibiotic and sent me on my way,” she said.

“When they admitted me, they put me on an IV bag antibiotic and then, the next morning, they started me on steroids for the remainder of the time I was there,” she said. She ended up staying three days in the hospital.

“I was terrified,” she said. “I didn’t know. My face is swelling up. My eyes are closing. I’m thinking, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen.’”

Sound scary?! Well, it is. Read on of why this happened, don’t let it scare you though, it is easily preventable.

Why did this happen to Her?

She found a deal on Groupon for $250 from what appeared to be an inexperienced microblading artist. She thought she’s getting a fantastic deal, little did she know she was putting her health in jeopardy!

She was told not to wash her eyebrows for at least three days which is a BIG “NO NO.”

With our microblading aftercare, we are cautious to explain everything that you should expect during the healing process. And we make sure to tell our clients to wash thoroughly with Antibacterial soap every 3-4 hours.

The washing of the eyebrows helps you heal quicker and removes any bacteria and significantly reducing the risk of infections. Protections of our clients’ skin is our main priority. You can read more on our microblading aftercare page.


Always do your research and find the right microblading artist for your needs.

Deals are for car washes, window cleaning, but not for your face and your health!

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