Fine Strokes Microblading



Elda graduated from Oakland University, where she studied early childhood education and acquired her Teaching Degree. Her passion for helping people has always been the torch lighting her path in life. Soon after finishing college, she became a mom, so she sought other ways to work and attend to her children’s needs. She has always had a burning passion for the beauty industry. She attended cosmetology school, did an esthetician apprenticeship (where she’s studying to become a licensed esthetician), and attended various prestigious courses throughout the World in makeup and cosmetology. 

Her exposure to the beauty world finally leads her to Permanent Makeup in 2015. She is a pioneer in Michigan for Microblading. She attended various courses and training programs in 2015 to master the art of microblading. After vigorously studying and training for over a year in the Permanent Makeup Industry, she decided to open her little studio. That little studio was called “Fine Strokes Microblading,” she came up with the name based on the fine hairlike technique she mastered.


To give you back your freedom! A lot of people, especially women spend numerous minutes which eventually adds up to hours, days, years, etc. dedicated to your physical beauty. And for many, eyebrows take up quite the time. Whatever the reasoning behind your eyebrows needing treatment we are here to help. We are here to help you gain your confidence and time back!