Microblading Pens 14 Slant


10 Disposable Microblading Pens Kit

Why Nova-All Disposable 14 Slant Sharp Blade Tool Kit?

  • The most comfortable pen with the sharpest blade in the industry.
  • A brush at the end of the tool to make pigment and anesthetic application easier and practical.
  • An adhesive blade cleaner for accurate strokes.
  • A non-reusable ruler to help with perfect symmetry.
  • 2 in one pigment and anesthetic ring holder.
  • Each Nova 14 Slant Blade Kit is available in its own decontaminated pack with lot number, manufacture date, and expiration date.

Everything I need for each one of my Microblading treatments!



14 Slant Sharp Blade-10 Disposable Microblading Pens Kit

Comfortable and Sharp microblading pens

The microblading pens are designed and used by a seasoned permanent makeup team. The blades are well made, with high grade medical stainless steel needles and flexible carbon body, to allow for those fine crisp and curved natural strokes. The body of the pen tools is lightweight and the rubber grip is most comfortable for even the longest procedures.

The tool itself is just wide enough to allow for real grip and stroke design. Unlike other thin uncomfortable microblading tools in the market.

The softest micro-brush

The micro brush at the tip of the tool helps the PMU artist insert pigment and anesthetic easier and convenient. It’s gentle on the skin and flexible.

The blade cleaner wipe

The blade cleaner wipe is big enough to be cut it two to help make sure you still have a clean part when you have to change gloves in the middle of the procedure. During procedures, most artists go through an average of 2 pairs of gloves and the seasoned team at Nova Microblading supplies have brought their own experience into this design.

An eyebrow ruler to achieve perfect symmetry

Nova Microblading supplies have arranged to add a disposable measuring ruler to help the artist achieve perfect symmetry. The ruler itself is marked with centimeter points on each side.


How to apply the measuring ruler:

  • Find the middle of your client’s face on the forehead
  • Strip the sticky ruler from the base
  • Center, the core of the ruler with your customers face
  • Fasten the rest of the sticky ruler to your client’s forehead
  • Design your eyebrow on one side first, then reproduce it by using the numbered lines on the opposite side

Excellent Symmetry every single time!

Couple pigment and anesthetic ring

With the Nova disposable Microblading pens, there is no necessity to have many rings on your hand. The ring included in the package has a double purpose. The more significant cup area can be used to store painkiller gel to help you execute the procedure satisfactory for your clients, and the smaller cap part of the cup has a small ring to help restrain pigment.

Individually Sterilized packs

Each Nova disposable microblading pens kit comes in its own sterilized pack and has the lot number, expiration date, and manufacture date printed on the packet.

Everything you need for every single client!

Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions10 × 8 × 2 in


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