What to do after you complete your microblading training.  After you get your studio licensed by the state you are free to start ordering and unboxing all of your amazon goodies.

I remember starting out in the industry and feeling vulnerable because a lot of things including studio equipment were things that I had to venture out and hunt down on my own.  If I had this list, I would have saved a lot of money from trial and error as a lot of things look alike but come in lower quality.

I had my share of cheap and fancy equipment but as you season you learn that white chairs may not be the smartest choice as you are working with heavy concerted pigments. Go figure.  I replaced my white chairs twice before I switched to my black ones.  Not to say that you shouldn’t buy white chairs however one must really wrap and protect them between each client otherwise a tiny spec will show.

I have attached quick links to everything that we use in our studio and I will give a brief explanation to why you should use them too and give you some alternatives also… phew. Ok, here we go.

Let’s start with the bed. When I started out

I had this beautiful white bed




And then eventually switched to its black version


To increase the longevity of your beds I suggest buying the disposable bed covers below


When I first bought my microblading bed a rolling chair came with it.  Last time I checked they no longer do and honestly, it’s ok because the rolling chairs made sitting for longer periods of time very uncomfortable.  We soon switched do a bigger chair with much better cushion quality.


While performing Microblading or any other body art procedure you need two working areas a clean and a dirty.  I use my cabinet countertops as a clean and an instrument tray as my dirty one.  Mine is black but it is currently sold out so I’m listing the Aluminum version of it below.  You will also need bibs to put over your tray and so I will list them below also (I prefer the black ones because they look totally badass, but the color is just a preference.  Do not be afraid of the high bib count as you will go through them like oreo cookies.


Let us talk about lighting, a HUGE essential to your success.  Not only a good light source aid you on capturing incredible picture, but it will also shine light onto your work without the need to overwork your eyes.  A ring light is our main source of light.  The market is saturated with ring lights, we have tried atleast three different ones and we have concluded that the following is the best investment choice. ringlight

What we love about this is the sturdiness of it.  We have had ringlight fall onto clients (not the best feeling).  SO yeah, stick with this one unless you know of a better one than please share, but first buy this. We LOVE it and it is SUPER bright!

We also use a headlight magnifier to aid us during our pmu procedures. It does come with a light (you don’t buy this for the light, you buy it for the magnifying power.)  Until we can get our 3 G custom made magnifying glasses from the Optomistrist, we will still to this MUCH cheaper version.


*** Below are some ESSENTIAL supplies that you don’t want to do without in your microblading studio.

Disposable Shaver Razors these are great and easy to use while making great gifts to send your clients home with. I always use razors fo almost each and every one of my clients.  I never use tweezers as I don’t want the pigment to get into the open follicle, you’re welcome 😉

These Razors are old school and cut So make sure to stretch that skin.  I also use these to sharpen my pencils. (thumbs up) * Dispose of them after each client.

Disposable mascara brushes make for a wonderful tool as you are cleaning up your client’s brows. They go well with the razors.

Last but not least are my little favorite tools.  Drum roll please for the Micro Applicator. Thank you to the creator of these little guys, I appreciate your imagination.

…Actually one more thing, the reason why I did not put cups or brushes here is that we always use Nova Microblading disposable tools.  Each disposable tool comes with a brush, cup, and blade wipe.  Not to mention that its the most comfortable grip in the market. So if you haven’t tried them yet, definitely give them a try.

Setting up your studio can be very stressful but I hope this guide helped you out a ton.  xx Elda