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Elevate your skills with our philosophy: “Learn from the best to become the best.” At Fine Strokes Microblading Studios’ PMU Academy, you’ll be guided by the exceptional expertise of Elda Kalaj, our master trainer and founder.

Elda, a respected figure in the industry, brings a wealth of experience and insights gained from working alongside globally renowned masters in the field.

In our comprehensive training sessions, Elda not only shares the latest and most innovative techniques in micro-pigmentation but also infuses her teachings with the diverse knowledge she has accumulated from experts worldwide.

This unique blend of global best practices ensures that our curriculum is current and ahead of the curve in the evolving world of skin micro-pigmentation.

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PMU Training

Foundational & Advanced Classes

Our academy is committed to providing an in-depth, hands-on learning experience.

Permanent Makeup Training Michigan

Tuition: $ 3,200


Permanent Make Up Professional

This is a two-day training for semi-permanent lip blush training. Lip Blush is the latest trend for lip enhancement, giving the illusion of fuller lips by defining and enhancing the lip color.

Once healed, the lips will appear very natural. During the training, students will learn to work with PMU machine devices. They will practice on latex skin and a live model.


Tuition: $ 3,500


Two Day Microblading Classes

Our 2-Day Beginner Microblading Certification Course is a very demanding training program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Microblading and to allow students to begin a successful career as a Microblading technician in a very short time.

In this course, we are dedicated to teaching students how to produce beautiful and natural-looking brows using modern state-of-the-art embroidery technology.

eyebrow shading class michigan

Tuition: $ 1,800


Two Day Microblading Classes

This Eyebrow Shading/Ombre Training Program is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience in just one day.

We combine essential theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on over-the-shoulder training, equipping participants with the skills needed to perform advanced eyebrow techniques. 

This course is a great addition to your already acquired arsenal of PMU skills, this is not a beginner-friendly course. 


Whether you are starting your journey in permanent makeup or looking to refine and expand your existing skills, Fine Strokes Microblading Studios’ PMU Academy is your gateway to mastering the art and science of micro-pigmentation under the guidance of one of the industry’s best.


We’ve condensed our real-world, effective methods into a straightforward, step-by-step training program. This is designed to help you become a skilled PMU artist with ease.

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Microblading Training Box


At Fine Strokes Microblading, Elda has developed and perfected our unique techniques since 2016.

Our award-winning method is exclusive to us; you can only learn it here. To achieve results similar to those of Elda and our team, you need to learn directly from her.

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Fine Strokes Unique Brows

eyebrow symmetry

Perfect Face Symmetry

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Ideal to your facial features

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Professioanl Microblading Tools

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Environmentally Conscious Tools

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PMU Machine Learning


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Permanent makeup training is a specialized course where you learn to apply semi-permanent makeup to eyebrows, eyelids, and lips.

This training covers various techniques, including microblading, to enhance facial features.

Yes, we offer an online permanent makeup training program. This is a convenient option for those who cannot attend in-person sessions, providing flexibility while covering the essential skills and techniques. 

To find our nearest training location, visit our website and check out our ‘Locations’ page. We have multiple training centers, making finding a course near you easy.

In our microblading training, you’ll learn everything from basic to advanced microblading techniques. This includes eyebrow shaping, color theory, skin types, safety protocols, and hands-on practice to master the art of microblading.

While a background in beauty or aesthetics can be helpful, there are no strict prerequisites.

Our courses are designed to cater to beginners and those with experience in the field.

Our permanent makeup training duration varies depending on the course you choose. Our introductory courses can be completed in a few days, while advanced training might take several weeks.

Yes, upon successfully completing the training, you will receive a certification from Fine Strokes Microblading Studio, recognizing your skills and knowledge in permanent makeup.


Our online training is meticulously designed to be as comprehensive and practical as our in-person sessions.

It includes video tutorials, live demonstrations, and interactive sessions to ensure a complete learning experience.

We offer ongoing support to our graduates, including access to our exclusive community, refresher courses, and professional guidance to help you establish your career in permanent makeup.

Absolutely! Our training equips you with the skills and confidence to start your own business in permanent makeup and microblading.